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Jreviv Global is a Private Network Payment Solution (PNPS) empowering businesses, groups and organizations to managing clients, customers and vendors worldwide. The Jreviv Global system provides services from Know-Your-Client (KYC) through settlement by using a sophisticated Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) web-based package. This bank in a box program enables businesses to leverage powerful and stable relationships across the globe in a secure environment.

How You’re Protected


Jreviv Global® Software Payment Platform incorporates our proprietary virtual-wallet, with prepaid cards including prepaid Visa®, prepaid MasterCard ® and Loyalty Rewards systems. Our technology simplifies domestic and international payment transactions in multiple global currencies while ensuring fully compliant transactions. Our security systems include digital facial recognition software, Anti-Money Laundering (AML) data compiling software and an efficient Know-Your-Client (KYC) process that meets and exceeds the banking and government agency requirements.


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With Jreviv Global on your team, there are fewer barriers to market entry and fewer costs. Our streamlined solution works for virtually any business in need of payment processing, domestically (US) and internationally. As a multi-currency platform, this independent system can run your entire business via SMS. Communicate, monitor and allow transactions with every customer instantly.

Jreviv Global is a private company based in Los Angeles with offices in Las Vegas, New York, London, Manila and Bangkok. Partners in Jreviv Global are bankers, software engineers, computer engineers, petroleum engineers, point-of-sale specialists and payment solution experts. Jreviv Global was formed with the singular focus of improving processes in all of the industries we serve.



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From retail shopping to cash back from ATMs and more, you can redeem your debit card transactions for free Satoshi Rewards program in your Ewallet account without buying Bitcoins. 

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Our Debit Gift Card

Card-Holder Website enables self-service and access to account information for cardholders. The website is responsive and supports access via mobile browsers. Our Card-Agent Setup is available to clients who wish to utilize the customer service application of our processing solution. Card-Cart solutions are available for those needing online sales or enrollment. Mobile IOS & Android Applications allow for hand-held management accounts with customized branding.

Multi-Purse - The multi-purse features enable a single card account to have multiple sub accounts (purses). Each carries its own balance. Purses can be used for multiple applications and be provisions and configured in the card inventory management module. API Setup and Certification - available to leverage as part of the overall processing solution, for cardholder servicing and support. It requires a monthly minimum quantity of minutes, per language, to be defined as part of the commercial agreement. Peer-to-Peer Payments - Utilized when customer wishes to instantly send funds to another person in the network, anywhere in the world.

Loading Features

Direct deposit for payroll or vendor payments. ACH Processing - Utilized when processing ACH on the customer's behalf. Direct bank-to-bank transfers worldwide are available. Apple Pay / Android / Samsung Mobile Payment - Enablement of mobile contactless payments with the major mobile device operating system providers. Load Center Setup [GreenDot, Western Union, MoneyGram, Incomm] - Utilized to connect, test, and certify with load networks we currently support. Currently supported load networks are: Green Dot, Western Union, MoneyGram, MasterCard RePower, and Visa ReadyLink.

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Jreviv Global's mining partners have mined over One Billion Dollars  worth of Bitcoins in  4 Years. 

As a partner this allows Jreviv Global to reward its active card members with Satoshi fragments(Bitcoin) on a monthly basis based on monthly  qualifications*

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 Jreviv Global® Software Payment Platform incorporates our proprietary virtual-wallet, with prepaid cards including prepaid Visa®, prepaid MasterCard ® and Loyalty Rewards systems.